How Federation Can Stop Information Silos from Killing Records Management


Records Management is a complex process — from identifying what does and doesn’t need to be a record, to applying the correct retention policy, the level of discipline required to manage enterprise governance is high. But one factor is making RM even harder in 2021 — information silos.

Organizations are storing potential records in more and more locations across the business. From email to ECM to CRM systems, managing records across these multiple repositories is increasingly challenging. But there is a cure to this silo stupidity — it’s called Federation.

Access this insightful session to discover how your organization can solve the challenge of managing records across information silos with federation. See how records and retention policies can be applied directly from cross-silo searches, how federation makes legal holds and eDiscovery collections straightforward, and how your users could make massive time savings every time they open their workstation.


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