Beyond the Chaos:
A Modern Approach to eDiscovery



In an era of tightening regulations and continuous litigation, the ability to perform cost-effective and defensible eDiscovery is imperative to every modern organization. At the same time, organizations face the challenge of managing growing volumes of data in digital, and often unstructured formats, most often stored in multiple, disparate systems.

All of these factors complicate an already complex process of information management, collection, assessment, review, and reporting, which can incur major costs and resources for organizations. To increase visibility into eDiscovery processes, improve the outcomes and streamline IT systems, organizations must leverage technology-assisted discovery to accomplish more, and at a lower cost.

This webinar explores the challenges associated with modern-day eDiscovery, takes a deeper look at the systems involved, and reveals the key features of a modern eDiscovery solution that can successfully address these increasingly complex challenges.

In this webinar, you will learn: 
  • * The key challenges associated with effective eDiscovery in the modern organization
  • *The limitations of standard eDiscovery solutions built for ECM systems
  • *How to leverage technology-assisted discovery to effectively manage the eDiscovery process in less time and at a lower cost
  • *How federation can transform end-to-end eDiscovery management via a single, central platform

The webinar also includes a demo and Q&A session.

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